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Since 1995, DIA-LOG has been developing and marketing a complete range of DMS software to manage and distribute ...

... office and technical documents in a Web / Cloud environment or on your internal network.

The dematerialization solutions, named Diamant, have been chosen by more than five hundred companies.


of profit

The customers of DIA-LOG, some of whom have been users for more than 20 years, have been able to make...

...significant savings thanks to the implementation of a reliable solution, easy to use and maintain and above all economic both for purchase and use.

The new option to access subscription solutions makes it even easier to adapt configurations to requirements.


Extended range

Diamant has several independent modules meeting the needs of conversion, edition, printing...

...or automatic vectorization and OCR. The tools always aim at ease of use, productivity and a low cost.

All modules interface to form a coherent and reliable document processing chain as supported by a single interlocutor.


and ERP links

DIA-LOG offers the integration and support of its applications in the PLM and ERP environments of Customers...

...through existing partnerships with software and hardware vendors.

As part of document production, dynamic links have been developed by DIA-LOG with PLM and ERP solution providers such as Enovia, Smarteam, Teamcenter, SAP, BAAN...



Successful implementation of a digital solution does not stop at providing a good system. It is important... ensure an implementation guaranteeing a fast start of activity.

This is why DIA-LOG offers personalized training plans and can adapt solutions or even create specific ones when necessary.


of support

DIA-LOG provides support for users without intermediaries. Your contacts are available to answer...

...both on the phone and by email. The average time to resolve incidents over the last 12 months is less than 15 minutes.

Thanks to the on-line assistance module integrated into applications and accessible with a click, it is possible to carry out a parameterization or to train the user, without delay.


Advanced features


Easy to use

User interfaces based on 25 years of experience and taking into account each user comment


Built on proven platforms, always compatible with the latest operating systems


Each module can be used independently, with easy installation and outstanding performance


All modules have interfaces for a consistent, powerful and cost-effective solution

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Our Services

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Our Customers

For more than 23 years, DIA-LOG has been offering its solutions both directly and via of its partners. The range of software concerns any company that handles documents particularly in the field of large format.

What are the targeted activities?

Companies that use Diamant solutions are found in industries such as industrial companies, engineering and construction offices, administrations and local authorities companies, reprographic service providers, SMEs and TPI of all types, associations ...



Record production with DiamantDiffusion

Customer Testimonial

A French website of design and production of gas turbines, a division of the largest global industrial group, uses DiamantDiffusion to produce all its contractual technical documentations from a powerful solution type PLM ENOVIA of 3DS.

This application highly secure -access rights, load balancing across multiple servers, etc.- can be used to treat up to more than 20,000 technical documents per day: :

input documents:
     - TIFF, HPGL, PDF for plans up to A0/E
     - TIFF, PDF, MS-OFFICE for office documents

output formats:
     - storage TIFF and PDF; printing TIFF, PDF, PCL, PS, etc.

automatic management of formats ISO and ANSI/US

conversions directly managed by the server

dynamic creating and customizing of cartridges and/or cover pages with real-time integration of metadata extracted from the PLM

grouping of hybrid documents, merging multi-page, optional cutting of large documents to optimize weight of files [extranet]

automatic resumption on incidents, multi-servers

multi servers: 1 master, 1 miror master, several slaves in 'load balancing'

paper production to multiple printers and plotters; storage to burning or directly storage to 'partners' 'extranet' site

notification of the users and the administrator for tracking of incidents

historical files and accounting statistics: area, filling rate, destination, case, type of documents...

administrative supervision of all servers and services at a single point in the network

... and many other functionalities belonging to the documents distribution solution probably the most complete for production in the industrial world.

A big thanks for the confidence shown by this Customer to our solutions and services since 1999 !!!

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